Architecture Now 23 | Designing with data today

How can architects use data for their design?

In this trilogy, were talking with architects who use the computer to design. Like people; computers, networks and things become more and more closely connected. We investigate how computers influence not only design but also our thinking and skills. After years of playing SIM-city and Minecraft, wouldn’t it be logical that we would now (partly) leave the design to other parties than just the architect? We are not looking at architects such as Zaha Hadid and Frank Gehry – who make frequent use of computer software in the production of their buildings- but actually, design by hand like traditional architects. Instead, we are looking at Gregg Lynn, who uses animation software from the film industry to design his buildings, or to Lars Spuybroek who creates designs based on natural and artificial patterns.

With speakers: Sanne van der Burgh (Senior Associate Architect MVRDV) and Lars van Vianen (meta-designer en founder-director of Scape Agengy).

The evening will be moderated by ARCAM-director Indira van ’t Klooster.


Sanne van der Burgh is a Senior Associate at MVRDV. She leads multiple design teams and projects in various scales, phases, and countries. Sanne is also responsible for keeping the office in the frontline of technological innovation through the implementation of parametric methodologies. She has a passion for sustainable workflows. Sanne has a versatile background, her work ranges from small scale product design up to large scale regional masterplans. One of her key projects is the Public Art Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam, currently under construction. The Depot is a new building typology that opens up art conservation and storage to the public.

Lars van Vianen is a meta-designer and founding director of Scape Agency. Proceeding from a background in interactive art, experience design, and parametric architecture, Lars explores the convergence of synthetic biology, materials science, artificial intelligence, and robotic construction. Believing the principle of design is the decoration of dreams into the parametrization and instrumentalization of reality, he exerts computation to concurrently operate across scales and mediate between natural and artificial actors. He just co-launched Parametricism; a platform features cutting-edge research and projects to convey the latest advancements in computationally empowered architecture and design, acting as a “neural network” of positions and new directions affiliated with Parametricism.

Architecture Now 23 | Designing with data today
Dinsdag 10 november, 20.30 uur
Tijd: 20.30 uur
Voertaal: Nederlands
Locatie: Pakhuis de Zwijger online via LIVECAST
Neem deel aan de conversatie via ZOOM of ga naar hun Livecastpagina bij aanvang.


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