Custom made

Looking for an original excursion in Amsterdam? Do you want to let your guests experience Amsterdam in an exclusive way? Or does your company need inspirational support? Arcam provides tailor-made programmes for every request.

Arcam receives requests on a regularly basis to organise special tours through Amsterdam. We are happy to discuss your wishes to provide you with a tailor-made programme. In that way, we will ensure a unique experience of Amsterdam’s architecture and urban design.


Arcam organises inspirational meetings for various organizations operating in construction and beyond. A latest example is a masterclass in architecture, requested by housing association Eigen Haard. Titled ‘Eigen Haard is architectuur waard’, in seminar developers of Eigen Haard discussed the architecture vision of their organization. Philosophical questions, social developments and bad and best practices were discussed. The masterclass was received as “something we should have done 5 years earlier!”.

Workship #3 Duurzaamheid tafel 150113 img_2577_thomas_schlijper_ arcam

And more…

For inquiries, please contact Yvonne Franquinet, director Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam.