Eiland-installatie: Solution to Pollution

At the Farming the City exhibition Urbaniahoeve presents the solution to pollution.
Amsterdam soil does not necessarily come from Amsterdam. The soil around Sloterplas in Amsterdam Nieuw West is an aggregation of dugout harbor sludge and sand was materials were needed to raise this land area. As materials were moved around, so too were the contaminants they contain. The soil used in the installation is a generic example from Amsterdam Nieuw West. Though not necessarily harmful, it is contaminated, with lead, zinc and other heavy metals, to levels that exceed what can be considered wholesome. A common technique for building on polluted soils is to remove them – an expensive process, which merely relocates the problem instead of actually solving it. Farming the City and Urbaniahoeve are making a joint installation with 3 examples of phytoremediation – a process by which plants repair soils contaminated by heavy metals and other pollutants.