1Lectures | Patrick Fransen | ASTRONAUT or ARCHITECT

TivoliVredenburg. © TivoliVredenburg

Patrick Fransen and his architecture firm NOAHH design buildings based on his fascination with architecture as a “canvas”, architecture as a “platform” and architecture as a “time machine”. His buildings are designed to be interpreted and reinterpreted, and are never meant to be rigid structures. 

Fransen is inspired by the blurring of boundaries between public and private space and by the reciprocity of a building’s use and identity. The perception of space is more important than the definition of the space itself. TivoliVredenburg, Amare, Theater aan de Parade and the transformation of the ESA-ESTEC buildings designed by Aldo van Eyck are striking examples of this principle.

His fascination for space travel and astronomy, in particular the definition and experience of the concept of time and space, can be seen in his buildings. One is encouraged to ‘zap’ through these spaces and re-think old ingrained usage patterns.

Our current society demands that architecture evolves beyond rigid structures. Architecture must be able to adapt, be flexible, accommodate multiple usages and respond to change, as well as provide for a comfortable living environment. Fransen believes that it is important to build in the existing context through applying the “guest-host” principle, where the various different time layers are experienced consecutively and simultaneously. Fransen will explain this principle further through a reflection of public and private projects and the densification study “Elated Life”.

1Lectures | Patrick Fransen | ASTRONAUT or ARCHITECT
Date: donderdag 6 februari 2020
Time: 8 PM / Doors 7.45 PM
Language: English
Location: Academie van Bouwkunst Amsterdam, Waterlooplein 213 te Amsterdam
Tickets: €7,50-

Academy of Architecture Amsterdam students are entitled to free admission on presentation of their student ID card.

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