SOLD OUT 1Lectures | Vertical Sloterdijk

Sloterdijk is transforming into an urban district. The realisation of the residential tower Vertical, in which low and high buildings are combined with a lot of greenery, is part of the transformation task of the Amsterdam Sloterdijk station area, which is being transformed into a combined living and working area. Construction of the project will start this autumn. On November 22nd you will hear the story of Vertical from the perspective of the architect, Kamiel Klaasse, NL Architects and from the perspective of the developer, Rob van Kalmthout, Heijmans.

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Vertical city
Construction company Heijmans has appointed a team of five young Dutch architectural firms that designed a ‘vertical city’ with a lot of greenery and 144 versatile resale properties: apartments, maisonettes, garden lofts and six-metre-high warehouse like apartments. The offices that are responsible for the design are NL Architects, Space Encounters, Donna van Milligen, Chris Collaris and DS landscape architects. The combination of low and high-rise buildings is also special: the low-rise building consists of approximately 10 warehouse-like apartments and 40 so-called horticultural lofts. Approximately 100 loft apartments are being built in the high-rise sector. Interesting detail: Every apartment will have a garden, and there will be nesting and hiding places for birds.  

About Kamiel Klaasse  
Klaasse (1967) graduated from the TU Delft in 1995 and started the NL Architects office together with Walter van Dijk, Pieter Bannenberg and Marc Linneman in 1997. Kamiel has previously been on the 1Lectures stage to talk about the renovation of the Kleiburgflat, which won the European Mies van der Rohe architecture award in 2017 (the first one in the Netherlands).

About Rob van Kalmthout   
Rob van Kalmthout has been Commercial Manager at Heijmans since 2013. According to Van Kalmthout, construction is no longer determined by making, but by inventing: ‘As a developer, you are looking for those inner-city areas that go up in price. Not only in a financial sense, but also in a social sense. The starting point is that this price increase must now be made together, also with smaller investors such as shopkeepers and residents.

Date: Thursday 22 november 2018
Time: 8 PM
Location: Academy of Architecture Amsterdam, Waterlooplein 213
Tickets: €5,- (single lecture)
Tickets are available in our ticketshop.
In addition, tickets can be purchased at the door from 7:30 PM on the evening of the lecture itself (if available). Academy of Architecture students are entitled to free admission on presentation of their student ID card.
Language: English




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