2012 Survival Kit

According to some predictions, the year 2012 will see the apocalypse. Although we expect – and hope – this is to be a superstition, another kind of apocalypse is already upon us. It's the uprooting of the global system that was heralded by 9/11 and accelerated by the economical crisis of 2009.

The Urban Arts Foundation, an initiative of CODE Magazine, is working on the 2012 Survival Kit that will focus on the world after 2012. Product and fashion designers, architects and musicians will be invited to contribute to this exiting and optimistic project by submitting work for the 2012 Survival Kit.

CODE and ARCAM invite architects worldwide to submit designs for sustainable (semi-)prefab and modulair housing for the post-2012 era.

The designs can be submitted via the website www.2012survivalkitproject.com.The deadline closes 21 February 2012.
In this way a collection of work comes into existence that offers the opportunity for an exhibition on the architecture part (21 April – 21 May 2012).

Here you can find the Design Briefing and an interesting article about the project.