Ambassade Hotel

Herengracht 341
Tram 1, 2, 5 (halte Spui)
Marlies Buurman & Flora van Gaalen, Room Service, Amsterdan 2007, p.32-33.
17e eeuw

Meeting point for artists and writers

The Ambassade Hotel is situated in the heart of Amsterdam, close to the famous ‘Golden Bend’ in Herengracht. The hotel is housed in ten seventeenth-century canal houses, eight of which are on Herengracht and two on Singel. With the exception of the building at 335 Herengracht, all of the houses are interconnected.

In order not to spoil the original character of these houses, various small stairways and landings have been created to bridge the height differences between the buildings. The main entrance with the hotel reception is located in the building at number 349. Several works by famous Cobra artists such as Karel Appel and Theo Wolvecamp can be seen here, as well as a historic plaque with the apt title ‘t Land van Beloften’ (‘the promised land’). On the first floor, above the reception, are the breakfast room and the hotel’s large salon, which is situated in a splendid eighteenth-century period room. The walnut upright clock of 1750 (signed by J. Th. van Kempen) is a showpiece from the hotel’s collection of antiques. The lobby, to the left of the reception, gives access to the library. The collection comprises some 2,000 books, all of which were signed by their authors during their stay at the hotel. The style of the eighteenth-century furniture is ‘Retour d’Egypte’. The hotel rooms are furnished in Louis XV and Louis XVI style. Since 2000, this style has been combined with modern art, with the aforementioned Cobra movement as the guiding theme. (ARCAM/BU/FG)