Anne Feenstra on Afghanistan

Anne Feenstra is a Dutch architect living and working in Kabul, Afghanistan, since 2004. He is owner of AFIR Architects and related to Kabul University. Anne is the local representative of CIE in Afghanistan and works with his team on the renovation of the National Museum and manages the renovation of the Bagh-e-Jahan nama Palace in Khulm.
Before Anne has been practicing architecture in the European continent and in London (William Alsop architects). In 2003 he established his own design group-AFIR. He has been lecturing in India, the United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Germany and the Netherlands. Anne is also a visiting professor at the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi, and founder of Arch-I, a platform for architecture and urban space in New Delhi.
During his lecture Feenstra discussed the norms for sustainable architecture. Are architects forgetting for who they are building? Can architecture be more than an artistical expression and maybe even be a force for social development?
During his lecture the idea, concept and implementation of the ‘waitinghouses’ for mothers of UNICEF and the Afghan Ministry of Health were spoken about.

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