Anne Frank Huis

Prinsengracht 263
Benthem Crouwel Architects
Anne Frank Stichting
Cultuur, Onderwijs

Anne Frank House

By the early eighties, the Anne Frank Museum, one of Amsterdam’s most popular museums, had become too cramped to accommodate the large number of visitors. In 1987, the Anne Frank Foundation therefore decided to organize a design competition for an extension to the museum.

The architectural firm Benthem Crouwel was commissioned to design the extension and built the section on the corner of Westermarkt. Construction began in 1995. The extension houses an exhibition space, ticket counter, museum shop, café and entrance and exit. This improves the flow of visitors in the old section.

Despite the modern materials and structure, the extension by Benthem Crouwel seeks to fit in with the centuries-old streetscape of Prinsengracht. The brickwork and window frames follow the colour scheme of the houses. In addition, the detailing and the layout of the façade allude to the typical canal-side buildings.

By means of an open facade, the new build is oriented to the church Westerkerk, on the south side of the museum. While she was in hiding, Anne Frank had a view of Westertoren and she described its significance to her in her diary. (ARCAM/TB)