Entrepotdok 110-210
Liesbeth van der Pol
Atelier Zeinstra Van der Pol
Heijmans Vastgoed, Almere
bus 22, 32, 43 en tram 9, 14

Housing on a historical industrial site

Aquartis was built on the site of the coal store and boiler house of a former municipal electricity generating station, now Museum Energetica. The original building, designed by a pupil of H.P. Berlage, was completely demolished apart from a few supporting columns and arches. These were integrated into the plinth of the new design.

The architecture of the new building refers to the industrial history of the location. The long glazed facade, framed by margins of stone, impresses by its scale. The building has a tall middle section of eleven storeys flanked by two wings each of seven storeys high. The storeys narrows upwards by steps of several metres, yielding a distinctive profile which is recognizable from afar.

The front facade of each apartment consists of a wooden frame in which the glass doors can fold away entirely, so opening the interior wholly to sunlight and the vista of the African Savannah of Artis Zoo. The building incorporates 110 apartments, including the studio/workshop units on the ground floor and eight luxury penthouses (each 250 m2 floor area) on top. A partly underground parking garage is located behind the building. (ARCAM/LM)