Prins Hendrikkade 600
René van Zuuk
Stedelijke Woningdienst Amsterdam
Bus 22
Over andere projecten van Van Zuuk: C. Grafe, 'Weldadige eenvoud. René van Zuuk ontwerpt huis in Almere', de Architect, oktober 1996, p.74-77; K. Havik, 'Meer dan een schuur. Paviljoen "De Verbeelding" in Zeewolde van René van Zuuk', de Architect, maart 2001, p.66-67.
Cultuur, Kantoren

Centre for architecture with exhibition space, offices and activities floor

ARCAM, Amsterdam’s centre for architecture, was for many years housed in the seventeenth-century peat warehouses next to the Academy of Architecture in Waterlooplein. In the autumn of 2003, ARCAM moved to a new building on Prins Hendrikkade.

The choice of location in the eastern part of the city centre, close to the Academy of Architecture, City Hall, the city’s urban development and planning departments and many cultural institutes, was deliberate. On the Oosterdok side, the building has a glazed facade which provides a wide view of the surrounding area and the architectural and urbanistic changes taking place there. The narrow, low-lying quay was the departure-point for the building’s form. Strictly speaking, this is not a completely new building but rather a radical redevelopment. The columns and floors of a NEMO pavilion, which stood here up until the start of the building process for ARCAM, have been incorporated in René van Zuuk’s design and a storey has been added on. The building’s internal organization is complex. Facilities such as stairs, lift and reception are grouped together in a compact core, giving rise to open spaces around it for exhibitions, offices, conference rooms and an information point/study area. Because the various levels are interconnected by voids, all of the spaces are perceptibly part of the larger whole. A skin of zinc-clad aluminium has been folded over the building, giving rise to a spectacular entrance on the city side. As in previous designs, Van Zuuk has experimented with an unusual application of an existing material. The curved aluminium gives the building a modern aura, while at the same time the building process called for considerable craftsmanship, which the builders took great pleasure in. This contrast is typical of the working method of Van Zuuk, who in this digital age produces his designs with the aid of the traditional model. (ARCAM/MB)


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The building

The building is designed by René van Zuuk and it is a compact, sculptural building.

ARCAM in the picture

The building in which ARCAM is located, designed by René van Zuuk, has always been a loved subject for...