Architecture Now 21 | Feeling at home

How can architects contribute to a new feeling of ‘home’? 

What resources do architects (re)discover in building inclusive communities, homes and neighborhoods? In this season of Architecture Now, we examine the role of architects and urban planners in a changing society. The focus is not so much on the end product, the building, but on the manufacturing process in all its facets. Each edition is introduced by one of the essayists / editors of the Architecture Yearbook, in which concepts such as (un)shared history, inclusivity, identity and representation are explored in relation to the design process.

Teun van den Ende studied Architecture at the TU Delft and is an independent researcher and writer in the field of the transformation of cities, landscapes and buildings. Teun advises the Dutch Government on spatial quality within his role in the team of the Board of Government Advisers. In addition, he writes about architecture and urban development for Rotterdam’s web magazine Vers Beton and various specialist media. He is an heritage specialist in the Committee on Spatial Quality Eindhoven and member of the jury of the Young Maaskant Prize 2019.

Pınar Balat founded her own office with the motivation to pursue the question on habitation by combining research and practice. In this regard, her ambition is to work on projects of different scales ranging from the scale of the dwelling to the scale of the city. At present, she works as an independent architect in different design teams, involved in projects of housing and neighbourhood-scale urban planning, mostly in the Netherlands. In the future, she aspires to work more on projects where through architecture and urbanism, socially integrated, equitable and sustainable urban environments are created.

Lorna Gibson, born in Glasgow, is an Amsterdam based architect, experienced in residential, cultural and public projects. She studied architecture, architectural history and planning, at the University of Edinburgh, graduating in 2011 with a Masters in Architecture (RIBA Part I + Part II). Her final thesis, a study of Glasgow’s 1960’s high-rise social housing and the challenges of building high in the 21stC, sparked her interest in the social imperative of housing, the creation of neighbourhoods and the responsibility of the architect. She also collaborated with XML architects on a book for the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and the Rotterdam Architecture Biennale of 2012. Shortly after this she started working for the Minister of architecture, Frits van Dongen, as part of his then new firm van Dongen-Koschuch, where her experience in renovation and large cultural projects was expanded.

Moderated by ARCAM-director Indira van ‘t Klooster.

This event is developed by ARCAM.

Architecture Now 21 | Feeling at home
: 22 september 2020
Tijd: 18.30 uur
Taal: Nederlands
Locatie: Pakhuis de Zwijger LIVECAST
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