Artis Apen- en Vogelhuis

Plantage Kerklaan 38-40
B.J. Ouëndag, bureau Rappange
Natura Artis Magistra
BK Bouw
Groen, Leisure

Artis Ape- en Birdhouse

The existing bird house, built in 1910 to a design by B.J. Ouëndag, rests on the foundations of the first bird house of 1852, by the architect S.A. van Lunteren, and has largely the same layout. The first bird house also contained a plant and reptile conservatory and a winter enclosure for antelopes. At a later stage, the plants, reptiles and antelopes were relocated.

Artis’ ape house, which was also designed by Ouëndag, has a long history. The first ape house had been built in 1851 to a design by F. Merkelbach. As with the bird house, the foundations formed the basis for Ouëndag’s design. The original ape house by Merkelbach had a large water tank on the roof in order to shield it from the heat of the sun in the summer months.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the old neo-Gothic enclosures were replaced by buildings designed by B.J. Ouëndag. The architect designed an ape house and a bird house, a complex of robust circular enclosures, to replace the neo-Gothic enclosures. The new enclosures varied in size and the animals enjoyed greater freedom. The circular forms were later removed due to stricter regulations. In the most recent restructuring, the architectural office Rappange has sought to reinstate the original character of the enclosures. (ARCAM/TB)