Plantage Middenlaan 53
G.B. Salm en A. Salm
Natura Artis Magistra
Tram 6, 9, 14

Aquarium, Artis Zoo

G.B. Salm was responsible for several buildings in Artis Zoo. He designed the Aquarium together with his son A. Salm. It is built in an eclectic style. The influence of Abraham Salm is apparent in the Romanesque and Neoclassical traits. The huge staircase, columns and dome make it a striking building. When first built, it was the largest and most up to date zoo aquarium in the world.

The building was divided lengthways into two functional parts. The street-facing side mainly contained zoo workshops, while the aquariums themselves were housed on the garden side. The domed volume on the corner, originally a lecture hall, is still part of the Aquarium and hosts a diorama portraying the landscape of Texel.

The Aquarium building has been listed as a National Architectural Monument since 1972. A renovation completed in 1997 focussed mainly on restoring the interior to its original state. The Zoological Museum of the University of Amsterdam, which maintains a collection of some fifteen million objects for scientific research and teaching, also utilizes part of the building. (ARCAM/YK)