Studio Workspace #28

Pieter Holmstraat 28
Fred Groot
Particuliere opdrachtgever
Jan Frederik Groot
Tram 26
Workspace #28, een case study over informeel bouwen. Fred Groot, Jan Frederik Groot en Anna Abrahams. Uitgeverij rongwrong, Amsterdam
Bedrijven, Voorziening

‘Keep it simple’

Renting commercial workspace is too expensive for many artists. To get round this, the artist Fred Groot decided to build his own studio. With an eye to financial viability, his motto for this self-build project was: ‘keep it simple’.

This motto is manifested in the fact that the building is so designed that it could be built by two amateur builders. In addition, it was built using standard building materials and a simple construction method, based on a traditional timber frame with columns and supporting beams.

Self-build is still quite uncommon in the Netherlands. In addition, self-build usually breaks with ‘the norms and values of the established order’ as regards exterior appearance. According to the builders of Workspace #28, property developers and housing associations ‘have the government in an iron grip. They are opposed to self-build because it makes them redundant as intermediaries’.

Workspace #28 is therefore also a statement. The message is that there must be room for private initiative; self-build is cheaper and contributes to a varied urban landscape, which is the work of a multiplicity of parties. (ARCAM)