Atelier building Rijksmuseum

Hobbemastraat 22-24
Thomas Offermans, Antonio Cruz, Antonio Ortiz
Cruz y Ortis Arquitectos
Copijn Landschapsarchitecten (Landscape design)
Programma directie Het Nieuwe Rijksmuseum
BAM Utiliteitsbouw
Tram 2, 5, bus 170, 172, 144, stop Rijksmuseum
Kantoren, Voorziening

Expertise centre for restoration

As part of the renewal of the Rijksmuseum (P. Cuypers, 1848?) by the architect duo Antonio Cruz and Antonio Ortiz, all of the rooms in the building are once again to have a museological function. Three new buildings are being realized for the functions for which no space could be found. The first to be completed is the Atelier Building.

This is organized as a national expertise centre for restoration techniques. It houses, among other things, the RijksmuseumÂ’s restoration workshops, the restoration laboratories of the ICN (Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage) and the University of AmsterdamÂ’s restoration course. The building is tucked away between the Zuiderbad swimming pool and three office villas, on the site of the former Veiligheidsinstituut (Safety Institute) (Eduard Cuypers, 1911), which has been partially demolished. Cruz y Ortiz have retained the front section of this building and have linked it to a 75-metre-deep new-build section, which has been lowered halfway so as not to block the sight line from Museumplein to Zuiderbad. The roofs and front elevations are clad with zinc-coated aluminium, which refers to the zinc of the Zuiderbad building. In the laboratories and workshops, technical equipment and apparatus dominate. These have been adapted to meet strict safety requirements. The interior is austere and minimalist so as to create a work environment that is as neutral as possible. The oriel windows and sawtooth roof are oriented to the north in order to provide the restorers with a diffuse, uniform north light. The workshops are connected with the depots in the basement so that works of art can be moved safely. There is a special lift, which is large enough to transport even The Night Watch.