Officebuilding Arlandaweg

Arlandaweg 100
Bedrijventerrein Sloterdijk
Van Tilburg & Partners
Bouwfonds Vastgoedontwikkeling
Metro 50; bus 21
Marlies Buurman, Maarten Kloos, Amsterdam Architecture 1997-99, Amsterdam, 2000, p.126.

Callcentre for Hewlett Packard

The area around the station Amsterdam Sloterdijk – on the rail link between Amsterdam Central Station and Schiphol Airport – is being developed as an office location for (inter)national companies and/or telematics companies. Hewlett Packard’s building is situated on the edge of this area and serves as a call centre which is manned day and night in order to answer queries about the company’s products. This determined the decision to build a (symbolic) ‘open house’.

The core of the building is an elongated complex which is intersected in three places by a shorter building volume. Because of the large number of workstations required, modules of 5 x 5 metres were devised – separated from each other by walls 1.4 metres high – in which four people can work. The floor plan is based on this module.

The front and rear elevations are different. On the side of the motorway are three plain, taut volumes, while on the side of the centre of the area two striking glazed atria create a taut and open exterior. These atria were constructed in order to meet the amenities inspectorate’s requirement that a flat elevation should be realized on Arlandaweg. Together with the industrial designer and structural engineer Mick Eekhout, a suspension system was devised on which a glass wall measuring 33 x 14 metres is suspended. (ARCAM/BU)