Pedro de Mendinalaan 11
Strook 0, Steigereiland
Dick Venneman
Dedato Ontwerpers en Architecten
Betronic Vastgoed
Bedrijven, Kantoren

Seen from the A10 motorway and the Enneüs Heermabrug to IJburg, Betronic’s new building is a striking presence. The building is a sturdy concrete box with eye-catching round windows in the side elevations. The glazed end elevation on the waterside runs diagonally with the water line. On the land side, too, where the building’s entrance is located, the building has a transparent end elevation.

The building’s scheme is simple and efficient: a front and a rear section are connected in the middle by a central stairwell and lift shaft. An adjacent light court delivers daylight into the heart of the building. A characteristic feature is the footbridge, which leads from the street over the sunken parking deck to the main entrance.
The building owes its industrial character to the concrete prefabricated sandwich panels and concrete columns, together with glass and steel. The creative use of a standard building system and spacious, high loft-like interior spaces has resulted in a robust and inexpensive, yet elegant building. Dedato has designed a number of office buildings using this same concept, yet each building has a character all its own.