Binnenhof and Gelderhof

A.J. Ernststraat 212-282, Van Leijenberghlaan 2-18
Erick van Egeraat associated architects
Stadsdeel Zuideramstel
Hillen & Roosen
Hillen & Roosen
Bus 65, 66, 165, 199, 248
Onderwijs, Voorziening, Wonen

Multifunctional centre and housing complex

Built around a public square in the centre of the Amsterdam borough of Buitenveldert, a new housing project is combined with a multifunctional centre. The centre incorporates, among other things, two schools, various welfare facilities and an underground car park. The housing occupies two high rise blocks on the south and east sides of the square and a low rise block alongside a canal on the north. The housing blocks enclose the multifunctional centre and shield the inner square from the busy surrounding roads.

The roadside facades of the apartment blocks consist of vertical strips of alternating natural stone and glass. Regular diagonal gaps in the stone parts generate a lively counterpattern of white lines. The sides facing the square make a softer, warmer impression with facades of red panels and glass. The dwellings range from single bedroom flats to ample five-bedroom apartments with roof terraces. Most units have their bedrooms facing the quieter inner square.

The two-storey multifunctional centre veers towards the northeast corner of the square with a boomerang-shaped plan. Its aluminium clad facades are enlivened by horizontal and vertical patterns of glazing. The slightly undulating roof give a playful character to the square, which doubles as a school playground. On the corner of A.J. Ernststraat and Van Leijenberghlaan, nineteen further patio houses are under construction; several of them have canalside gardens. (source: Erick van Egeraat Associated Architects)