Blok 24 Senior Dwellings on Haveneiland

Sanne Sanneshof, Erich Salomonstraat
Haveneiland West
Jannie Vinke, Marcel van der Lubbe
ANA Architecten
AMVest, Blauwhoed, Stichting PWV Wonen, de Alliantie
Slokker Bouwgroep BV
Tram 26, halte Diemerparklaan
Architectuurkaart IJburg 2013

34 dwellings around terraced courtyard

The 34 dwellings for elderly residents are arranged around a terraced courtyard. This forms a logical continuation of the succession of public spaces on Haveneiland. The block incorporates a gradual change in scale. The terraced structure, consisting of Hofplein (courtyard square), Hofterras (courtyard terrace) and Hoftuin (courtyard garden) produces a three-dimensional green space.

Hofterras, at second floor level, enjoys a view over Block 24’s large internal garden. A wildflower garden occupies the roof of the northeast wing. Under the complex, there is a parking garage which is also available for use by residents of the adjacent block. All the dwellings face onto the collective outdoor spaces on the courtyard side and have individual outdoor spaces on the street side. The facades express the contrast between the enclosed, private courtyard and the public street. The street facade complies with the building regulations for IJburg. The brickwork surface folds around the block and transforms from the large scale of the street facade to the small scale of the enclosed courtyard. The courtyard facade contrasts with the street facade. The many transparent facade sections and the family of colours used give the courtyard an informal character. (OGA)