Blok 3b, IJburg

Groot Rieteiland
Elmar Egert, Robin Veenink
Atelier DUTCH
Consortium Waterstad 3
BK Bouw
Tram 26, halte Vennepluimstraat

Social sector dwellings in a courtyard block

Block 3b is the middle one of three blocks being built at one end of Groot Rieteiland on IJburg. It is lower than its neighbouring blocks, 3a and 3c, and consists of ground-floor entrance units in three layers, constructed around a courtyard. Out of the 40 social sector dwellings, 23 have a garden. The remainder have a terrace or conservatory as their outdoor space.

The block displays a duality between inside and outside. The red-brick outer facade is hard and massive. The design makes the block seem like a collective dwelling. Continuing bands of brickwork promote a sense of coherence and act as a connecting element. The facades are interrupted by conservatories and windows which are executed as French windows with balconies. There are moreover two entrances to the courtyard through which the dwellings are accessible. The entrances take the form of archways with a studio space, belonging to one of the adjoining dwellings, at the top of each arch. Four murals by Joris Geurts function as ‘sentries’ in the gateways. The interior of the block consists of a sunken communal courtyard with trees. To preserve the openness of the courtyard and the facades finished in wood, glass and aluminium residents’ storage spaces are provided in a basement instead of at ground level. Slender, vertical concrete slabs make the individual dwellings legible. A continuous concrete moulding along the roofline provides a connecting element. (OGA)