Blok 61a

Emmy Andriessestraat, Eva Besnyostraat, Fritz Dietrich Kahlenbergstraat
Haveneiland Oost
Dana Ponec Architecten
De Alliantie Projectontwikkeling
Vos & Teeuwissen, Huizen
Onderwijs, Voorziening, Wonen

Block 61a is located on the eastern part of Haveneiland, next to the Theo Van Goghpark. The building lies on the short, southern side of the large public green zone. Together with the adjacent Block 61b, it forms a useful landmark for travellers on IJburglaan, the district’s main access road.

The master plan called for a block-shaped building of ample scale. The architects succeeded in creating the impression of a group of houses, however. A relief of bird footprints appears on the light-coloured brickwork of the plinth. This pattern hints at the mysterious past of the island IJburg, which was once just a sandbank in the water pockmarked with the footprints of wading birds.

The ground floor of the residential block includes two daycare centres for children, Skon and Omega. The latter provides reception and medical care for children with multiple complex handicaps. Their centre is organized into black and white pavilions clustered around two courtyards. The pavilions are village-like and provide a sheltered inner world for the children. The courtyards are connected by a path, and the varying views from one area to the other and the exciting lines of sight instill a sensation of adventure. The succession of spatial experiences was a continual point of reference in the design process. (ARCAM/YK, source: Dana Ponec architecten)