Booster East

Juliette Bekkering
Bekkering Adams architecten
Dienst Waterbeheer en Riolering
Bus 326 halte: Zuiderzeeweg/Piet Heintunnel, IJtram
Dit project is o.m. gepubliceerd in Amsterdamse Architectuur 2003-2006; ARCAM POCKET 19. Klik hier voor meer boeken uit de reeks Â’ARCAM POCKETÂ’.

Sewage pumping station

Because of stricter environmental regulations and because the new residential district IJburg is being developed on the east side of the city, the city’s sewerage system is being radically reorganized. The sewage treatment plants in east and southeast Amsterdam are being replaced by a single new plant in the Western Harbour Area. Four new booster pumping stations, spread over the city, will pump Amsterdam’s sewage to the west side of the city.

Like the other pumping stations, the booster station on Zeeburgereiland is unmanned and only maintenance workers have access. This fact, and the desire to minimize noise from the pumps, has led to the construction of a closed structure, which looks like a monolithic sculpture. A rectangular superstructure has been placed on a plinth and the structure’s contours have been partly determined by the lines of the future residential district that surrounds the building, and it is dented at the entrance. Overhangs ensure that the ventilation grilles in the plinth are hidden from view.

The elevations are clad with bluish green prefabricated concrete slabs in which there is a pattern of cannelures, covering the building like a cobweb. A striking feature is the text pattern, which is in relief in the concrete and which shows parts of the word ‘booster’. At night, the base of the booster station is softly illuminated with blue light so that the building almost seems to float. (ARCAM/YK)