Borneodriehoek (De Punt, De Ontmoeting)

Timorplein, Celebesstraat, Borneostraat, Bankastraat en Delistraat
Indische buurt
Herman Zeinstra
Altelier Zeinstra van der Pol
De Alliantie Projectontwikkeling

Borneo triangle

In the nineteenth-century district ‘Indische buurt’, where in the coming years many dwellings are to be radically improved and renovated, Atelier Zeinstra van der Pol has realized replacement new-build in four different locations. The new-build was built in two phases, but forms a whole architecturally.

The second phase, ‘Borneodriehoek’, comprises a building with a triangular floor plan and forms the termination of a block between Borneostraat and Delistraat and the two head-end buildings on Celebesstraat, which are interconnected by means of an underground parking garage. The blocks, with dwellings in the owner-occupied and rental sector, contain a diverse array of apartments, maisonettes, penthouses, studio dwellings and dwellings for the mentally handicapped. Some are accessed via galleries on the inside of the block, while others are directly accessible from the street.

Because of the location on a railway line, sound-damping facilities were necessary and these determined the design. The elevations are characterized by a grid of storey-high surfaces of glass and brick and vertical steel grilles. Steel U sections, behind which are, among other things, the sound-damping facilities, mark the storey floors. The many voids enhance the daylighting and the spatiality of the dwellings. A striking characteristic of the project is its transparency and the supple way in which, with modern devices, it fits in with the character and articulation of the neighbouring buildings. (ARCAM/LM)