Borneostraat 31-37, Javaplein 6-12, Madurastraat 104-136
Indische Buurt
Peter Geusebroek
Geusebroek Stefanova Architectenbureau
De Alliantie, Stadsdeel Zeeburg, OBA-bibliotheek
J.M. Deurwaarder Bouwbedrijf
Tram 14, stop Javaplein
Dit project is o.m. gepubliceerd in Amsterdamse Architectuur 2011-2012; ARCAM POCKET 25. Klik hier voor meer boeken uit de reeks ’ARCAM POCKET’.

Housing block at Java square

Since 2006, a renewal operation has been underway in the early twentieth-century neighbourhood Indische Buurt, in which a number of rundown blocks are being demolished or renovated. As part of this renewal, the square at the heart of the neighbourhood, Javaplein, has been revitalized with the construction of Borneohof.

The original Borneo block has been demolished in order to make way for larger dwellings and commercial units. In and around the square, space has been created by constructing a two-tier underground parking garage. There are no longer any parking spaces in the square or the surrounding streets. Socio-cultural facilities (including a library and a café) in the ground floor plinth reinforce the square’s function as a focal point.
On three sides, the new build follows the building line of the old development. The richly decorated facades are inspired by the original architecture by the architect A.W. Weissman and fit in with the existing development. The fourth section of the frontage – a building with an arcade and a tower – is more autonomous and dominates the square. Moreover, the tower enters into a dialogue with another tower in the square, that of a former bathhouse. Four large gateways give access to the interior courtyards, around which 67 dwellings are grouped. Because of these tall entrances, the courtyards are visible from the street and the vibrant square is visible from the garden courtyard. In two of the entrances, Piet Hein Eek has created an artwork using a collection of old doors that were salvaged following the demolition of the Borneo block. In their new function, the old doors contribute to Borneohof’s pleasing ambience. (ARCAM)