Bos en Lommerplein

Bos en Lommerplein
Bos en Lommer
Sjoerd Beerends, Vera Yanovshtchinsky
Vera Yanovshtchinsky architecten BV
AM Development, Hillen en Roosen
Hillen en Roosen
Tram 7-14; bus 15-18-82
Kantoren, Voorziening, Wonen

Restructuring of Bos en Lommerplein

Bos en Lommerplein was redeveloped as part of the large-scale restructuring of the centre of Bos en Lommer district. This restructuring was designed to give the district a new heart and provide solutions for the physical, social and economic problems in the area. The new heart of Bos en Lommer comprises a new shopping centre around a market square where various functions are located. Above the shops are dwellings and offices.

The new development links in with the urbanistic structure of 1935, which consists of row housing by Van Eesteren in Plan West. The market square, a central meeting place, formally terminates the axis from Mercatorplein.

The raised market square, which forms the roof of the parking garage situated underneath, is surrounded by a plinth of shops. Above, on the west side, are offices, which function as a noise barrier against the A10. On the east side is housing.
Concrete bands and railings, which together with the storey-height windows form continuous horizontal lines, determine the appearance of the elevations. The street elevations are executed in a dark stone, the elevations in the square in a slightly lighter type of stone. The main feature on the side of the square are the deep wooden jambs surrounded by a brickwork frame. (ARCAM/TJ)