Boston and Pakhuis Australië

Oostelijke handelskade 27
Oorsrponkelijk ontwerp: H. Moen en (waarschijnlijk) G. van Arkel en C.B. Posthumus Meyjes, nieuwbouw: Roel Bosch, Paul de Vroom (DKV Architecten)
OCNA / Johan Matser Projectontwikkeling, Ymere Ontwikkeling, Het Oosten Kristal
Tram 26
Bedrijven, Wonen

Warehouse Australia and newbuild Boston

The warehouse Australia was built together with the warehouse America for the company Blauwhoedenveem. Both were designed by H. Moen and (probably) G. van Arkel. In 1948, a fire completely destroyed the warehouse America and badly damaged the warehouse Australia. Australia was restored, to a design by the architect C.B. Posthumus Meyjes, and was brought back into use.

A fire on 16 September 2002 once again partially destroyed the warehouse Australia. However, because the warehouse was a defining element in the plans for the newbuild project ‘Nieuw Amerika’, it was decided to reconstruct the warehouse after the original design of 1895. The ground floor of the new warehouse will contain offices and companies, with 40 apartments above. Because the warehouse is to have a cast-iron load-bearing structure, these dwellings have extremely flexible layouts.

For the project ‘Nieuw Amerika’, the Rotterdam-based firm DKV architects has drawn up a design in which the warehouse Australia is to be integrated in the newbuild of the building Boston. Old and new form a single complex with a single access system. The top four storeys of the newbuild, which stands partially in front of the warehouse, bend over the warehouse. Structurally, this section is supported by four columns that stand between the load-bearing columns of the warehouse. The newbuild has a U-shaped mass, which is linked to the old building by means of glazed volumes. On the exterior, the block will have a robust appearance, in keeping with the industrial architecture of the warehouses. Inside, wood and glass on galleries and terraces create an elegant image. (ARCAM/TJ)