(NL) Brandweerkazerne

dietzsch + van der sanden architecten
Brandweer Amsterdam

The architects Linda van der Sande and Alexander Dietzch designed a new fire station for Amsterdam’s fire service in which the focus is on the turn out – the exit of the fire crew and their equipment when called to an incident. Inside and outside, the building is wholly geared to a swift and smooth turn out.

The building, which was completed in 2005, comprises two sections that are interconnected by a glass corridor. The section housing the fire engines and other equipment is also transparent due to the large glazed fronts. This open character gives expression to the social and public function of the fire service. The undulating roof of the glazed structure refers to the fluent movement of the turn out. The roof is clad with sedum and fits in well with the landscape character on this side of the building.

The other side of the fire station is more urban and densely built-up, which is why the architects opted for brick here. Because this section contains the social spaces (bedrooms, offices, kitchen, recreational and dining areas), the architecture has a more intimate and closed character. With this building, the fire service is optimally equipped in order to be able to respond swiftly to any incident around the clock. (Arcam/ YK)