Bredero College

Meeuwenlaan 132
Dick van Gameren en Bjarne Mastenbroek
Van Gameren Mastenbroek Architecten
Stadsdeel Amsterdam-Noord
J.P. van Eesteren BV
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Bredero College is located in a striking 1930s school building. When in the late sixties plans were drawn up for expansion, a whole host of budgetary constraints prevented their realization.

Thirty years later, a solution to the shortage of space, and with it an opportunity to improve the school’s reputation, was finally found. The low annex has been situated in the building line and extends as far as the corner of Meeuwenlaan, where it curves towards Zamenhofstraat, giving rise to a triangular inner courtyard.
The new build houses the cookery department, the restaurant ‘Étoile du Nord’ and the gymnasiums. Along the road, the building is characterized by light glazed elevations, which gives rise to an open ambience and a better connection with the surroundings. The school’s name is emblazoned in large letters on the facade of the low-rise building, so that the school immediately catches the eye.
The roof of the new build functions as an entrance zone and as a football pitch. The school could increase its connection with its surroundings still further by, in the line of the neighbouring allotment gardens, creating a vegetable garden for the cookery department on part of the roof. On Monday evenings, the school restaurant serves three and four course meals. (ARCAM/RS)