Bridge control house Overtoomsesluis

Overtoom - Kostverlorenvaart
Pieter Lodewijk Kramer
Publieke Werken
Gemeente Amsterdam

Brick house with wooden and bitumen roof

The Overtoomsesluisbrug at the end of Overtoom was originally a lock. When the lock was relocated, a movable bascule bridge was built here. Piet Kramer designed the bridge in 1942 but it was built a few years later in 1948.

Although the bridge control building here is in many ways typical of Kramer’s work, it lacks the imaginative qualities that characterized his earlier designs, due to the constraints of the post-war economy. The vertical window frames with slender glazing bars and the concrete border underneath the roof lend the building a functional and formal expression. A canopy projects on the west side, similar to the projecting roof in the Van Hall house (N171) and the Kinker house (N266), shelters the bridgemaster from the elements. (ARCAM/space&matter)