Bridge control house Walter Süskindbrug

Nieuwe Herengracht – Amstel
Dirk Sterenberg
Publieke Werken
Gemeente Amsterdam

Replica with construction, roof, window frames and shutters of wood

The wooden Walter Süskindbrug over Nieuwe Herengracht near the Hermitage looks old but was built in 1972. This double-leaf drawbridge is a replica of a bridge type that was common in the sixteenth century. This typically Dutch type of drawbridge is characterized by a sort of wooden gateway, the so-called ‘hameipoort’, for pedestrians, cyclists and cars.

Next to the bridge is the control building in a matching historicist style, designed in 1972 by Dirk Sterenberg. The building has off-white painted elevations, the small windows are equipped with canopies and a pointed finial adorns the pyramid-shaped roof. Because the view from the building is restricted, the bridge is operated from a control lectern located outside. (ARCAM/space&matter)