Bridge control house Wiegbrug

De Clerqstraat – Kostverlorenvaart
Mathieu Ponsen
kunstenares Leonie Mijnlieff

Bascule bridge and control house from aluminium, glass and concrete

Various bridge control buildings have stood along the Wiegbrug at the Kostverlorenvaart, from a simple wooden building to a diamond-shaped Amsterdamse School building by Piet Kramer. The current building, the Wieg house, dates from 1990 and was designed by Mathieu Ponsen.

The design is purely functional and was not intended to beautify the cityscape. It is a functional box that meets modern bridge operating requirements. The steel building sits on a concrete column with its base in the water. A metal swimmer – an artwork designed in 2004 by Leonie Mijnlieff – projects from the column. An interesting detail is that the basement for the bridge’s counterweight was originally located on the other side of the bridge. This basement fell vacant when the weight was relocated. Currently there are plans to create a bridge museum here. (ARCAM/space&matter)