Bridge control house Willemsbrug

Nassauplein - Kostverlorenvaart
Pieter Lodewijk Kramer
Publieke Werken
Gemeente Amsterdam

Bascule bridge and control house in Amsterdam School style

The Willems house stands on the edge of the busy Nassauplein, opposite the Haarlemmerpoort. This Amsterdamse School building from 1925, is the oldest existing bridge control building designed by Kramer and is also one of his most imaginative designs

It is quite striking because of the unusual roof form. The undulating roof with projecting eaves is reminiscent of a beret. The overhang shields the bridgemaster from the sun. The building is also characterized by its rounded corners, the unusual design of the wrought-iron handrail and in particular by the white, wide, projecting window frames, which fold around the building on the water side. Because the windows continue around the side elevations, the bridgemaster has a good view over Singelgracht. (ARCAM/space&matter)