Linnaeusstraat 89
D. van Gendt
Tram 9, tram 7, bus 37
Commercieel, Voorziening

From hospital to district council offices to hotel

The Burgerziekenhuis was built in 1891 to a design by the architect Dolf van Gendt. Gendt earned a reputation at the end of the nineteenth century with imposing buildings such as the Concertgebouw and the shopping arcade in Raadhuisstraat. When it opened, this hospital was an ultramodern building with, among other things, a hydropowered lift system and central heating.

The hospital was originally intended for the well to do. Prince Bernhard, for example, stayed there in 1937 following a serious car accident. After the war, however, the hospital opened its doors to ordinary citizens; the footballer Johan Cruijff was born there in 1947.

When the hospital closed in 1991, for a number of years the building housed Oost/Watergraafsmeer district council offices. In 2009 these offices relocated to a new building in the Polderweggebied. At the beginning of 2011, following extensive refurbishment and redevelopment, Eden Parc Hotel opened its doors in this former hospital building on Linnaeusstraat. The building has been restored to its original state wherever possible, with a customary nod to its medical past here and there. The hotel rooms, for example, have typical hospital curtains. In order to be able to use the attic storey, the roof had to be raised thirty centimetres, a complex task. The five star hotel has 125 rooms, a bar and restaurant with a terrace and a number of function rooms. (ARCAM)