Wolbrantskerkweg 1-137
Micha de Haas, Chris van de Berk
Abbink X De Haas architectures
Delta Forte
Heddes Bouw
Tram 1, 17, stop Hoekenes
Dit project is o.m. gepubliceerd in Amsterdamse Architectuur 2008-2009; ARCAM POCKET 22. Klik hier voor meer boeken uit de reeks ’ARCAM POCKET’.

Sixty-nine dwellings, most of which are in the owner-occupied sector, have been built in Osdorp Midden-Noord, an area bounded by Osdorper Ban, Hoekenesgracht and Tussen Meer. The aim here was clearly to realize a neighbourhood with an identifiable image. Unity is achieved by means of a Mediterranean ambience, with elements such as white stucco, wooden shutters, roof gardens, decorative railings that hide the parking streets from view, and timbered walkways which merge with the woodwork around the front doors. The organization at ground level subtly marks the transition from public to private space. The wooden window shutters offer privacy.

Three of the white low-rise blocks that stand at right angles to Hoekenesgracht are freestanding, while the other six are joined in pairs by a parking garage. When the plans for the renewal of Osdorp were drawn up it was decided that housing types other than the predominate porch-access flats were desirable. This finds expression in Cadiz. The three blocks on the water are either ground-floor or upstairs residences. The ground-floor homes are entered from the garden, while the upstairs apartments, each with a large roof terrace instead of a garden, have their front doors on a square.
The six linked blocks are composed of single-family dwellings with mirror-imaged garages and roof terraces. A unique detail is that the ground-floor space adjoining the garage is made habitable by a skylight. The head-end houses facing Hoekenesgracht are distinguished by large windows that provide water views. (ARCAM/MB)