Calandtower and Katersteyn

Klaas Katerstraat, Pieter Calandlaan
Middelveldsche Akerpolder/Sloten
Peter Defesche
OD 205
Kristal Het Oosten, Vesteda
Ballast Nedam Bouw
Tram 1, bus 68, 192, halte Baden Powellweg
Kantoren, Onderwijs, Wonen

Housing with school and commercial space

This project forms part of the large-scale Zuidwest-Kwadrant urban renewal scheme in the Amsterdam district of Osdorp. It consists of two subprojects: the newly built Florenscollege, an agricultural school at MBO (intermediate vocational) level with associated gardens and greenhouses, and a housing project combined with commercial spaces.

The latter project comprises 164 dwellings, 1,985 m2 of commercial space and parking facilities for 140 cars. The housing consists of two volumes: the Calandtoren tower block and a lower, more elongated volume. These are located at the start of the renovated Pieter Calandlaan and form an effective entrance to Zuidwest-Kwadrant. The plan includes houses and apartments which vary in size and design. Some dwellings have a front door facing the street and others are accessed by staircases with lifts. There are three kinds of outdoor space: roof terraces, balconies and loggias. The apartments in the tower block enjoy a panorama of the city margin of Amsterdam and the suburb Osdorp. Each of the two subprojects has its own residents’ parking facility. These, like the storage spaces for residents, are incorporated in the volume of the block. The design of these facilities aimed at providing a safe, comfortable solution which would not dominate the street scene and thus diminish the quality of the public space around the project. Special attention has been paid to the detailing and ambience of the lower floors of the tower block. This part contains the entrances to the apartments and to four of the commercial spaces (which may optionally be used for public functions). The architectural character of the building is partly determined by the plasticity of the block and the diversity of materials and colours. Flat areas of brickwork and panel facades with a bicoloured pattern are the main ingredients of the image. (OGA)