(NL) Rondleiding Stadstimmertuinen – Stad in Zicht

On the 5th of September, tour: 12.30 and 2.30 PM.

(NL) Stad in Zicht Stadstimmertuinen

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Exhibition Stad in Zicht

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Metropolises in scale models

Students of the Sweelinck College in Amsterdam made scale models of metropolises, which are on display at Arcam from the 14th of June until the 31st of August.


From Friday the 30th of May untill Sunday the 2nd of June, Arcam and Cityscapes Gallery will organize the first XS ARCAM MARKET, an exhibition about the architect als product designer.

Lina Bo Bardi: Together

The exhibition ‘Lina Bo Bardi: Together’ was a tribute to the legacy of the Italian-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi (1914-1992): an architect whose work has particular relevance today as a source of inspiration for new generations of builders, users and architects. Pragmatic and socially engaged, Bo Bardi was an architect for whom people were the […]

VOILA! – young architects and landscape architects

On show were projects by the designers selected for the 21st edition of the concours des Albums des Jeunes Architectes et Paysagistes (AJAP). These talents aim to contribute to the development of their profession and of our environment. ARCAM selected those projects that leave behind the old-fashioned distiction between nature and the build environment. At […]

Marjan Teeuwen

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(NL) Lina Bo Bardi: Together

(NL) De tentoonstelling is een eerbetoon aan de Italiaans-Braziliaanse architect Lina Bo Bardi (1914-1992).

NIEUWE PERSPECTIEVEN / NEW PERSPECTIVES – Marineterrein, Yale and the Oosterdok

It looks like the Marineterrein is to have a new future. This hitherto publicly inaccessible naval complex is gradually being opened up to the public. In December, the Government and Amsterdam City Council intend to sign an agreement regarding the site’s redevelopment, with the aim of giving it a new public function. Potential new uses […]

City Week: Amsterdam Water City?

During the City Week a wide range of activities are being organized to stimulate more awareness on the importance of water in Amsterdam – and to gain creative solutions. During this Week, ARCAM will function as the central information centre, with a presenation on Amsterdam water, and will be the starting point for waterwalks, watertalks […]

Learning from the Seventies

The history, the current situation and the future of inner city social housing were being showed in this exhibition by means of presentations on nine Amsterdam areas, mostly (re)build in the seventies. Themes such as public domain, participation and dealing with the existing environment were leading back then – and they are now as well. […]

Anaïs López – ‘In the beginning no bird sang’

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Work by secondary school children: models of a wide array of Pavilions for the Senses.

‘Van Poort tot Poort’

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