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(NL) De Akropolistoren

News : Wonen

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Cluster X: The Battle of the Ground Floor


We zoom in on Cluster X, part of the Sluisbuurt studie maquette

Architecture Talk & Walk

What's On : News

Discover the history and future of Amsterdam architecture during the Architecture Talk & Walk!

Sluisbuurt Studies

07 Sep 2018 - 06 Jan 2019 : What's On : News

The Amsterdam Architecture Centre will present the possible future of the Sluisbuurt

SOLD OUT 1Lectures | Kengo Kuma

17 Sep 2018 : News

Famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma comes to the Netherlands on 17 September and opens the new season 1Lectures with...

SOLD OUT 1Lectures | HAUT, Building Tall in Timber

20 Sep 2018 : What's On : News

An Architecture talk about HAUT, a 73 meter tall timber hybrid apartment building to be built in Amsterdam.

(NL) UITVERKOCHT | Debat Wonen in de Verdichte Stad

26 Sep 2018 : What's On : News

(NL) Een avond over de toepassing en noodzaak van innovaties in wonen, waarin nieuwe en gerealiseerde concepten de revue...

The Body & Borders

30 Sep 2018 : What's On : News

Een zondagmiddag vol presentaties en performances over het lichaam in relatie tot architectuur.

1Lectures | Land Fabric | Catherine Mosbach

11 Oct 2018 : What's On : News

Landscape architect Catherine Mosbach on the design of Museum Park Louvre Lens and more..

1Lectures | Pontsteiger | Arnoud Gelauff

25 Oct 2018 : What's On : News

Arnoud Gelauf tells us all about the very intense ten years of developing and completing the Pontsteiger.

1Lectures | Vertical Sloterdijk

22 Nov 2018 : What's On : News

Get the full story of the residential tower Vertical from the perspecrtive of the architect and the developer.

1Lectures | Oostenburg | Tess Broekmans

29 Nov 2018 : What's On : News

Tess Broekmans tells everything about the design framework within which Oostenburg is being developed.

(NL) Hoe komt een logo tot stand?


(NL) We nemen je mee in de gedachtegang van onze grafische ontwerper!

New 1Lectures season


The 'must visit' architecture lectures series in Amsterdam