(NL) Opening expositie Van Stopera tot A’DAM Toren

(NL) Op vrijdag 7 oktober opende onze nieuwe expositie ‘Van Stopera tot A’DAM Toren – 30 jaar Amsterdam verbeeld’.

(NL) Amsterdam viert 100e verjaardag!

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(NL) Nieuw werk te koop in XS Arcam Market

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100 Years of Inspiration

The influence of the Amsterdam School on contemporary building In 2016, we celebrate the centenary of the Amsterdam School. The social housing projects designed by the Amsterdam School rank among the highpoints of Dutch architecture and can be admired throughout the city. ARCAM, Amsterdam’s center for architecture, is staging a photo exhibition examining the influence of the […]

WHAT? Work Home Apart Together

Living and working are two important activities in people’s lives. The exhibition WHAT? Work Home Apart Together is about the combination of these two and about their place in the city. The eighth floor of the former ING House, which was renamed Infinity, is the unique location for the first exhibition about our live-work culture. WHAT? […]

XS Arcam Market #3: Light Architecture

For the third time, Arcam Amsterdam Architecture Centre and XS Architecture, design platform for collectible architecture, are organising the XS ARCAM MARKET after two successful editions in 2014. With this third edition we will pay tribute to the theme Light Architecture. The XS ARCAM MARKETS specialises in other forms of architecture, architecture that is small, light and […]

Exhibition – The Building Speaks

Every age puts a piece of its soul into its buildings. During the year of ‘Transformation’ the Amsterdam Architecture Centre Arcam dedicates special attention to the solidified form of a monument with the exhibition The Building Speaks. This exhibition explores through design research the potential and the relevance of monumental buildings in the twenty-first century. […]

The Building Speaks

Open Call: Light Architecture

THE DEADLINE FOR APPLYING HAS PASSED. YOU CAN NO LONGER ADMIT YOUR WORK. Arcam and XS ARCHITECTURE are looking for architects, designers and artists to submit work that represents the relationship between architecture and light. XS ARCAM MARKET After two successful editions in 2014, Arcam Amsterdam Architecture Centre and XS ARCHITECTURE, a design platform for architecture […]

Exhibition – LIVE WITH LIFE

How can spatial design of houses, squares, streets and parks make the city inhabitable for humans, plants and animals alike? That question is central to an exhibition that presents the results of groundbreaking research that was conducted in the spring of 2015 by an international team of students and young professionals. On show are inspiring […]

City Hotels

A hotel’s location can make or break it – while at the same time hotels can give the surrounding area a boost.There is an increasingly strong interaction between a city and its hotels, and that is precisely the intention in Amsterdam. No one can have failed to notice the large number of new hotels that […]

BNA: Architecture à la minute

(NL) In Architectuur à la minute vertonen architecten korte films over hun ideeën, hun plannen en hun praktijk.


(NL) De tweede editie van XS ARCAM MARKET heeft als onderwerp: textile architecture: een lichte, zachte en bewegelijke vorm van architectuur.

Tour Stadstimmertuinen – City in Sight

On the 12th of December, tour: 12.30 and 2.30 PM.

(NL) Rondleiding Stadstimmertuinen – Stad in Zicht

(NL) Op vrijdag 7 november, rondleidingen: om 12.30 en 14.30 u.

(NL) Rondleiding Stadstimmertuinen – Stad in Zicht

(NL) Op vrijdag 3 oktober, rondleidingen: om 12.30 en 14.30 u.