Centrale Markthal

Jan van Galenstraat 4
De Krommert
N. van Lansdorp
Bus 18, tram 3

In the 1920s and 30s, the social democratic aldermen Floor Wibaut and Salomon de Miranda instigated numerous initiatives in order to make Amsterdam a more social and a more liveable city. With the construction of a large market complex in the west of the city, the council aimed to centralize and regulate the food trade.

The layout of the complex and the architecture of the buildings were designed with the greatest possible quality and civic presence, which is clearly visible in the central market hall of 1934. The design by the architect Nicolaas Lansdorp is still an architectural eyecatcher, although a number of additions have spoiled the buildingÂ’s aura. The hall housed major fruit wholesalers as well as sixty offices and several auction rooms. The latter were demolished over the years, as was the imposing clock tower.

The market hall itself is to be spared this fate. In 2007, it was designated a national listed building, and in the future, following the redevelopment of the complex, visitors will be able to experience all the vibrancy of the market.