CityPics: filmprogramme

First edition: ‘Small Film/Big City’

On Wednesday the 30th of May the first edition of CityPics tookplace. This filmprogramme, organized by filmhouse Kriterion, ARCAM, CITIES and AFFR, aimes to interest the citizens of Amsterdam more in their own city. The films that are shown in this programme concerns the city in all its appearances, in the Netherlands, in Europe, in the world, but always with a link to Amsterdam.

The first edition on the 30th of May will show Urban Goddess: Jane Jacobs Reconsidered and deals with Jane Jacobs view of the smallscale city, in sharp contrast with the top-down planning methods of Robert Moses. Jacobs’ ideas are now generally accepted.

After the viewing an aftertalk is organized with Ymere (a housing corporation), De Valreep (a small film viewing location) and Joe’s Garage (also a viewing location. The conversation will deal with the meaning of smallscale filminitiatives in big cities like Amsterdam.

Location: Kriterion (Roetersstraat)
Time: 18.00h
Entrance: € 7

The movie is English spoken; the aftertalk is in Dutch.


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