Cluster X: The Battle of the Ground Floor

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The Battle for the Ground Floor
The Cluster X title – The Battle of the Ground Floor – couldn’t be a more fitting description of the Sluisbuurt development, coined by Professor Mark Brearley during workshops held by the municipality of Amsterdam in June 2018. This statement reinforced our approach to urban design projects and, as such, also informed our starting points for the study of Sluisbuurt in 2017.

Spacially Translation
Our investigation centred on designing for city living. With this, we mean creating liveliness and attractiveness, cultivating good relationships between users and residents in a neighbourhood, and encouraging engagement and ownership but balanced with the right amount of privacy. Our recommendations: Claim the ground floor! Facilitate a creative, collective, diverse and mixed programme at the intersection between the public and private realms! In the exhibition and as part of the official opening we explain how we have spatially translated these conclusions at Sluisbuurt.


Sluisbuurt Avond | Architectuur van de Duurzaamheid

14 Nov 2018 : Archief : News

(NL) Een Sluisbuurt Avond over duurzaamheid versus esthetiek

Exhibition Sluisbuurt Studies

07 Sep 2018 - 06 Jan 2019 : Archief : News

The Amsterdam Architecture Centre will present the possible future of the Sluisbuurt