Bos en Lommerweg 75-155, Hoofdweg 787-959
Rens Schulze, Jeroen Geurst
Geurst & Schulze Architecten
Hillen & Roosen Projectontwikkeling BV
Kantoren, Voorziening, Wonen

Housing block on Bos en Lommerweg

The architects (Geurst & Schulze) who designed and the client (Hillen & Roosen) who commissioned the building Collage on Bos en Lommerweg won the title of best housing project of 2009 (Zuiderkerk Prize).

The housing block Collage is located in the centre of Amsterdam’s Bos en Lommer district. For a number of years now work has been in progress here to connect various neighbourhoods and to revitalize the district. The market square has been redeveloped and a number of buildings with a metropolitan aura have been constructed. The oversailing of the A10 orbital motorway is intended to reduce the barrier effect of this busy road.

The building Collage has been designed on a complex site in the city. The area is situated between the busy orbital motorway and Bos en Lommerweg, close to the redeveloped Bos en Lommerplein and the architecturally important Hoofdweg. The architects have sought to relate the design to the Amsterdam School architecture (Hoofdweg) and the modern row housing development (Bos en Lommerweg). The building consists of three sections. The fa├žade section on the side of Hoofdweg has a similar rhythm to that of the frontage further along the street. Just as the architect H.T. Wijdeveld did in the thirties, Jeroen Geurst and Rens Schulze have introduced rhythm through their use of detail, fenestration and brickwork. The building is tauter on the side of Bos en Lommerweg. At the rear of the building are the tranquil, green public gardens of Bos en Lommerplantsoen. Here, large balconies, loggias and terraces determine the building’s appearance, while white concrete bands create order and give the building greater depth.

Commercial spaces have been created on the ground floor and there is an underground parking garage. The building next to the GAK building contains studio apartments and the other building sections contain apartments of various sizes. (ARCAM/YK)