Cruise Inn

Zeeburgerdijk 289-373
Indische Buurt Oost
Claus en Kaan Architecten

Apartmentcomplex with commercial space in its plinth

The urban design scheme for two sites on Zeeburgerdijk, on either side of a bridge over the discharge canal, stipulated that apartment complexes, which together would form a sort of entrance gateway to the area behind, should be built on both sites. The building on the east side of the bridge (Loswal, p. 78) has been designed by UnStudio, the building on the west side (Cruise Inn) by Klaus and Kaan.

Cruise Inn comprises a combination of a four-storey, horizontal volume and an eight-storey vertical volume. The ground floor of Cruise Inn consists of an all-glass plinth, so that the space behind presents itself as a large display window for the four commercial units that are housed here. Underneath is a basement with 29 parking spaces and storage areas.

The elevations of the superstructure are dominated by glazed fronts, which are floor to ceiling on each storey. With their dark frames, the windows create a taut, graphic pattern. Here and there, this strict rhythm is interrupted by printed glass panels, which make the division between the individual dwellings visible in a subtle way. By setting the elevation on the street side forwards in steps in relation to the building line, variation in the facade surfaces is achieved. Because of the abundant glass, the dwellings reap the full benefit of the view. The white concrete canopies, which separate the storeys from each other and which run in horizontal bands around the building, function as sun-blinds. (ARCAM/Bu)