Ganzenhoef Community Centre

Bijlmerdreef 1245-1287
Bijlmer Oost
Hans van Heeswijk, Rob Hulst, Dick de Gunst
Hans van Heeswijk architecten
BPF Bouwinvest
HBG/Kingma Bouw
Onderwijs, Voorziening, Wonen

Multifunctional building with rooftop apartments

This combined cultural and educational centre in the Ganzenhoef district accommodates a Regional Training Centre (ROC), various cultural and social organizations and general amenities. Twenty three dwellings were realized on top of the public and educational spaces. The compact stacking of various functions made the building an exemplary project for optimal land use.

The building forms a wall-like urban ensemble along Bijlmerdreef and connects at the south end with the enclosed green enclave of Grubbehoeve. The centre of the building consists of a covered public plaza. Besides accommodating a diversity of everyday activities, this space is also available for festivals and exhibitions. In both urban design and functional respects, the atrium is the place where the building opens out: the transparency tempts passers-by to take part in the activities within. The interior may be regarded as a continuation of the public space. The apartments in the top layers of the complex are accessed via a gallery on the inner side of the block. The gallery is at the level of the atrium roof. The apartments are deep in plan, but internal patios and rooflights admit daylight into the heart of each dwelling. As well as patio units and apartments with loggias, the building includes several maisonettes. The maisonettes are arranged around an atrium with a glazed roof, similarly allowing penetration of daylight deep into these units. (OGA)