Danzig Studio’s

Danzigerkade 17
Dedato ontwerpers en architecten
Peter van Dijk, Dick Venneman
Dedato Europe bv
Bus 48, halte Oostzaanstraat + 10 min. lopen
Bron: Marlies Buurman, Maarten Kloos, Amsterdamse Architectuur 2003-2006, Amsterdam 2006, p.62-63.
Bedrijven, Kantoren

Functional and aesthetic

Dedato’s office building stands on a commercial site in the Houthavens area. The design is based on a standard precast concrete building system, which is normally used for the load-bearing structure of factory buildings.

Here, this system has been used to build a simple and inexpensive, four-storey commercial building. The building, which is fifty metres deep, comprises a front and a rear section, which are connected via a central lift shaft and stairwell. Two open light courts on either side of this connecting element allow daylight to penetrate right into the heart of the building. The ground floor of the front section contains the entrance, a company restaurant and the entrance to a car park in the rear section. Each floor has an open layout with high workspaces reminiscent of artists’ studios. Throughout the interior, the precast concrete facade elements, columns and beams are exposed to view, as a result of which the office has a sober and functional aura. The front and rear elevations are characterized by storey-high glazed fronts. At the front, deep balconies extend over the entire width of the building. What is most striking about this project is that with limited financial resources a large building has been realized, which is characterized by a remarkable aesthetic purity. (ARCAM/Bu)