De Albatros

Albatrospad 1-144, Kievietstraat 62-68
Albert Herder, Arie van der Neut, Vincent van der Klei
hvdn architecten
Jean-Marc Saurer
Woningstichting De Key/De Principaal BV
Van der Waal
Bus 32, 33, stop Johan van Hasseltweg
Voorziening, Wonen

Housing complex in Amsterdam Noord

With the construction of the North/South Line, a metro line scheduled for completion in 2017, Amsterdam Noord will have a good link with the city centre for the first time in its history. Ambitious plans are being drawn up in anticipation of this. For example, the area around the Johan van Hasseltweg station, which is currently under construction, is characterized by green, small-scale garden villages, but will acquire a more metropolitan character in the coming years.

‘De Albatros’ is the first housing project to be completed here. In order to link up the large complex with the surrounding small-scale development and to prevent it from appearing too massive, a plinth on which there are four slender towers has been built. The plinth building, which contains a parking garage and space for neighbourhood-oriented and commercial facilities, has the same height as the surrounding development. There is a view from the spacious entrances with lifts and staircases of the communal garden with its wooden, south-facing terraces.

The towers contain a total of 130 dwellings. None of the dwellings has an exterior space, but all have French balconies and folding windows measuring 2.2 by 2.2 metres, which were specially designed for this project. These (aluminium) windows can be turned and folded so that the space behind can be opened over virtually the full storey height. The position of these windows differs in each floor plan, giving rise to a varied exterior. The dark-purple bricks are provided with a groove which resembles a butt joint, as a result of which it looks as if the bricks have been placed on end. (ARCAM/YK)