De Baanderij

Ondinaweg 15
Eric Hehenkamp
Ontwerpers A'dam
Stadsdeel AmsterdamNoord
Kantoren, Leisure


The Baanderij is the former NDSM (Netherlands Dock and Shipbuilding Company) shipyard canteen. The building was taken into use in 1957 and also served as an office and assembly hall. The name Baanderij derives from the period when the Belangenvereniging Baanloze Scheepsbouwers (BBS) (association of unemployed shipbuilders) used the building. When the area around the shipyard was redeveloped, the building was retained as cultural-historical heritage.

Amsterdam-Noord district council was responsible for the renovation and gave it a dual function. On the ground floor is the restaurant De IJ-Kantine. The two upper storeys are used as office space by, among others, the architectural firm Heren 5.

The south side of the building consists almost entirely of clusters of nine square windows, providing a maximum view over the IJ. Together with the solid brick walls, this gives the building an open yet sturdy aura. The new additions are perfectly integrated in the old design. Consideration has also been given to this in the restaurantÂ’s industrial interior. The large, open inner area with ventilation pipes and lighting rails creates the impression that the machines have only just been removed. The Baanderij is thus a harmonious interplay between the past and the present. (ARCAM/RS)