De Laatste Hendrik

Frederik Hendrikstraat, Hugo de Grootkade, Van Houweningenstraat
K├Âther en Salman Architekten
Babs Haenen
Woningstichting Ymere
Tram 3
Projectdocumentatie 2003/2004 Woningbouw, red. Eireen Scheurs, OntwikkelingsbedrijfGemeente Amsterdam, 2004

Residential building with a wide range of dwelling types

The block ‘De Laatste Hendrik’ is bounded by the canal Hugo de Grootgracht and the streets Frederik Hendrikstraat, Derde Hugo de Grootstraat and Van Howeningenstraat. The perimeter block partially opens towards the canal, where a gap left by leaving one parcel unbuilt offers a glimpse of the inner court. Because the inner court is rather long and narrow, the architects decided to minimize the number of galleries, staircases and balconies on the inside of the block. The outdoor spaces of the apartments are mostly either on the ground floor or on the roof, although in some cases they take the form of loggias. The inner court also contains a communal garden.

The brief from the Ymere housing foundation was to combine several different dwelling types in the block. The various types are arranged according to functional considerations. For example, units for partially disabled residents (Miva homes) and adaptable units for seniors are all situated close to the lifts. There are also ‘town houses’ with rooms on four floors, ‘roof houses’ with roof terraces and a communal unit for a group of elderly residents. (ARCAM/YK)