De Loodsen

Piet Heinkade
Oostelijke Eilanden/Kadijken
Köther en Salman, Wingender Hovenier, hvdn architecten
Ontwikkelingscombinatie De Loodsen V.O.F.
Bedrijven, Wonen

Newbuild on the site of old harbour sheds on the IJ waterway

De Loodsen (or The Sheds) is a new building project developed on a site formerly occupied by a number of sheds belonging to the IJ harbour. Köther and Salman prepared a master plan for the site and elaborated it in collaboration with Wingender Hovenier and Hvdn Architecten.

The quay on the IJ will gain two elongated buildings whose height matches that of the neighbouring warehouses. In front of these low buildings, on the south side, six 35 metres tall high rise apartment blocks will be built. Different architects were engaged to design these tower blocks, although they all show a strong family resemblance. The similarity lies in the height of the blocks, the building materials, the placing of fenestration and repetitive elements such as the horizontal concrete bands running across the facades. The different positioning and mass of the volumes emphasizes their individuality, however.
The complex consists of 317 dwellings of which 196 are for the owner-occupied market and 121 are for the rental sector. A starting point for the design of the dwellings was the wish to provide them with the best possible vistas with optimum insolation and daylighting. This intention is reflected in the scrupulous attention paid to the positioning of the towers and of the apartments, as well as to the floor plans. (ARCAM/TJ)